We evolve as a people by devising ways to do things more efficiently. At SkyVue, we focus not on the drone, but on how we can use it to solve everyday problems.

Chief executive Officer, SkyVue Solutions


At Skyvue Solutions We use the latest drone technology, professionally-trained pilots, high performance AI and experienced data analysts to help our clients realise higher levels of operational excellence. Our commitment is to provide Better results, that are Safer for you and your team and are Faster than other traditional methods. Our services are also designed to meet the needs individuals, small businesses and large enterprises.

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In order to continously evolve as a people, we must continue to find ways to do things more efficiently.

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What can drones do for you: Precision Agriculture

INTRODUCTION Ever since Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), better known as drones, became commercially available in the early 1980s, their ever-increasing capabilities have led to new applications across a variety of industries. In just the past couple of years drone technology has advanced past the point of novelty. Drones are now a wise investment option, delivering valuable payback on initial cost.  Aided…

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