01. Telecommunications


With our powerful AI, photogrammetry techniques and advanced tools, we can realize elevation profiling, verticality assessment, corosion assessment, structure integrity assessment and 3D accurate measurements in less time than traditional methods and without putting any lives at risk

Tower management platform

With the asset Management platform you can easily find your assets and linked inspection records. This helps you to work with many stakeholders, manage large quantities of data with ease and take control of your entire portfolio and support better decisions with historical, highly detailed records.

02. Construction

  •   Real time project updates we document every stage of construction projects to give projects owners access to unprecedented work progress information in one click
  •   Enhanced visibility on work progress We keep a record of all critical phases of the project like water and electrical piping layout in the wall and so on. This way, at any point during or post construction, this information remains reliable and is easily accessible
  •   Tracking of raw material usage Using our intelligent platform, we are able to accurate determine the amount of raw materials that has gone into any building at any given point in time
  •   Enhanced Collaboration Centralized location accessible to everyone both in the office and on the job site means easier collaboration and quicker exchanges. This drastically lower approval time for change overs and reduce completion time

03. Inspection

Integrity Inspection

Buildings, tanks, bridges, roofs, roads, railroads, pipelines and drains

Thermal Inspection

buildings, electrical installations and solar panels

04. Disaster Response

  •   Aerial support Aerial support for emergency personnel on the ground
  •   Risks mitigation
  •   Loss Adjustment We capture high quality aerial visuals at source, remotely, without the need to rely on physical field visits in order to assess loss. This enables a significantly quicker initial loss evaluation, the more effective deployment of Loss Adjusters and improved customer contact, resulting in a faster estimation of losses
  •   Mapping We map disaster areas to provide greater advantages in costs and in rapid response times when compared to traditional methods. Our solution can be deployed quickly, generate high-resolution and 3D mapping, identify hotspot areas that have sustained the most damage and upload the data in real time to coordinate relief efforts

05. Training / Support Services

Drone pilot training program

Hands on drone pilot training, 2D/3D mapping, industry specific pilot training.

Support services

Experts available on call support, 24/7

Simple solutions to real life problems

Headquarters / Corporate office

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Regional Office (Africa)

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