our services

We offer a wide variety of services that serve the need of both
individuals and entreprises.

01 Construction

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Work planning

Area survey, 2D map, point clouds, topographical maps, stockpile volumetric analysis, contour maps, elevation maps, route planning and more. read more

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Work Progress update

Site overhead pictures, time lapse videos, project closure presentation video, Volume measurements, drawings overlay, Execution accuracy measurements. read more

02 Agriculture

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Plant health analysis

weeds, insects, water analysis. read more

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Harvest Forecasting

Plant count, surface area, Soil analysis. read more

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Full cycle follow up

Growth support from seeding to harvest. read more

03 Inspection / Real Estate

  •   Integrity inspection - roof, walls, bridges
  •   Work Completion Photography
  •   Execution Accuracy Measurements - Actual versus drawings
  •   2D / 3D Maps - roof, walls, bridges
  •   Real Estate - real estate photography and commercial content creation

    04 Media / entertainment

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    Full Event coverage

    Media coverage for Weddings, funerals, ceremonies, corporate etc.

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    Drone coverage

    Drone coverage for all events

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    3D modelling

    Building / monument recreation

    05 Training / Support Services

    Drone pilot training program

    Hands on drone pilot training, 2D/3D mapping, industry specific pilot training.

    Event coverage

    On call support, post processing.