Disaster response solutions

Our drones and associate technologies have an invaluable and demanding role to play when it comes to supporting disaster response. We map disaster areas to provide greater advantages in costs and in rapid response times when compared to traditional methods.

Aerial support

Aerial support for emergency personnel on the ground

  • Provide rapid situational awareness with mapping technology and imagery
  • Help firefighters identify hot spots and assess property damage
  • Capture imagery for communications and news coverage
  • Search for survivors
  • Create before / after maps of the impacted area

Loss adjustment

We capture high quality aerial visuals at source, remotely, without the need to rely on physical field visits in order to assess loss.

  • Quicker initial loss evaluation
  • Ability to view in real-time using our ‘drone-eye-view’ the damage caused, allowing Loss Adjusters to call for action even before the drone has landed
  • More effective deployment of Loss Adjusters
  • Faster estimation of losses with 2D and 3D measurements techniques in our web based platform for teams working from anywhere at anytime

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Headquarters / Corporate office

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Regional Office (Africa)

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